Old town, Antwerpen!

[traveling] welcome to Antwerpen! Have you ever heard about this city before? You have? Then great. So I suppose that you knew that this is one of the oldest bussiness city in Belgium? That this has higher population leading Brussels with 509.000 inhabitants? That this city is so YOU-HAVE-TO-VISIT-ONCE-IN-YOUR-LIFETIME city? That this city is like the best combination of “a little bit Venice” “a little bit Brussels” “a little bit Bruges” “a little bit, even, Paris (then of course with no Eiffel tower)” “a little bit Rome” and “a 100% Antwerp, Antwerpen, Anvers”. Depends on which language you prefer to speak, Antwerp is for English speaker, Antwerpen is typically Dutch (as well as Deutchs, with an “en” at the end), or French with Anvers. Lots of a lot of and many stories to tell about this marvelous city! Okay now I crown my self as you die-hard-big fan, Madame. This magnificent photo will gladly always welcome you at your very first step in Antwerpen! How I could not love this city for its first impression..








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