Had met her again! :)

[traveling] hoi! And this is Lianne, the girl I once told you. Yesterday we finally met each other at campus and we decided to grab some lunch at centrum. We were beyond happy to spend the time together, we started to talk about anything, the weather (of course they will start the conversation with this topic! As if, “lagi ngapain” and “habis dari mana tadi” in bahasa Indonesia.), boyfriends, trips, courses, apartments, and religion. Well, you can imagine how close we are when we had no burdens in talking about religion. That’s typical European People (as far as I know) who don’t talk about anything related to this topic, it’s like taboo or something like that. But then, yesterday we were so open, she was, to talk about it in details. And I was like, well okay, now we are close friends. 🙂






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