[traveling] Does this abstruse interior design, well, sophisticated architecture impress you? Then it should. We were lucky to have 9 hours transit in Munich before continuing our trip to Istanbul. It was a nice, sort of one of big cities in Germany, and I don’t know why but my impression was it was a cold city (That’s both true, if you mean either “the people” or “the weather”, but I won’t go that far for stereotyping the Germans, you should have known about it). Here was taken inside a yellow church in the heart of the city named Theatinerkirche. It was creepy, when I entered the gate, subsequently I knew that it acted as royal tombs especially for Wittelsbach dynasty. Then it made sense. Brief, to conclude about this “tombs-church” if ever someone asks you about, “well it’s yellow, complicated inside, a 17th-century-creepy thing, royal stuff, and let’s visit the Olympiastadion or BMW museum instead.”



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