When enough is enough

“@MostSecretFacts: More people claim to be okay when they’re not. Psychologists claims that it’s because it’s hard to find people who actually listen and care.”

I just read this twit, and well, may be I am just too sensitive, about anything. So that after having read and repatching it with my feeling, I was devastated, a little bit more.

Let’s have a look,

Some people tend to protect their feelings quite hard. They do anything to be appeared strong, dependable, distanced, and so on. This condition will remain the same as long as no one knocks their hearts. You might say, when finally they fall in love.

At the beginning, surething it would be hard to approach them. Even to make contact with them. On the other hand, the people, they wouldn’t fall easily. But, with such constant chase and wanting, they finally will fall for you.

The loving time. Call it euforia or something, but it’s true that it “won’t” last for long time. Each of them will start to trust, to open their heart to love, to be ready to fall, to be happy, to embrace anything. They face all the difficulties, differences, hard times, good times together, supporting each other, loving each other as much as they can. Still, you know that it won’t last.

Finally. You, each other, don’t know what happen to you. It’s just intolerable. It’s just wrong all the time. It’s just “my mistake, your mistake, why did you, how could you do this, what happened? What’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with me? What’s the matter?” And when it comes, you probably will stay for couple of days, months with heart aching for such simple thing. You get easily offended. And everything will never be the same. You just can’t love each other they way you were. You lose your trust. You spare yourselves with distances. And finally you see that, it has to be ended. Now. Right here. When enough is enough.

18th August 2013,


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