Fake smiles!

[traveling] “No, we have to take picture! We’re in ………………. Jemberlin, Kendallas, Purworejohanesburg, Bantennessee, or you name it. We’re not going to miss this moment! Let me strike one. Though it’s hot. Though it’s super cold. Even no monuments are here. Though we’re too tired to do so. Yet we take picture. It’s such a social obligation which always forces us to prove our “been there” “done that” moments.”

So this photo was about to tell you that: “hello world, we’re pleased to be able to show you how glad we are here. That Geneva has treated me well. And no complaints. That curved lips and kind of smile somehow generate your mind to figure “how those happy faces on photo are as artificial as what Photoshop ever does to any Harper’s Bazaar cover magazine.””



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