Home made Quote!

@bellanggi: “Everybody can wait, of course they could. But u know very well that they wouldn’t, shouldn’t wait for the rest of their lives.” Affect you?

I tweeted this sentence. I was quite proud of myself, especially anytime in special circumstances of “feeling”, my brain, the part which drives me writing creatively, it works rationally emotionally well. I often am impressed by my own work, the vocabulary, sentences made while suffered the bad feeling are not mine. I simply don’t recognize them at all after few days later re-read what I’ve written.

So, adding to that “home made quote” I will put a copy of a song titled Wanted You More by Lady Antebellum.

I kept waitin’ on a reason
in a call that never came.
No I never, saw it comin’
Somethin’ in you,
must have changed.

All the words unspoken,
promises broken.
I cried for so long.
Wasted too much time,
should have seen the signs.
Now I know, just what went wrong.

I guess I wanted you more,
and lookin’ back now I’m sure,
I wanted you more.
I guess I wanted you more.

All the nights we spent just talkin’
of the things we wanted out of life (out of life).
Makin’ plans and dreams together,
I wish I’d seen I was just too blind.

My heart was open,
exposed and hopin’
for you, to put it on the line.

But in the end, it seemed,
there was no room for me.
Still I tried, to change your mind.

You think I have particular reason on posting up this lyric?
May be you are right.

Abellia, 13th August 2013.


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