A great Hungarian tourguide!

[traveling] Say hello to this Hungarian guy! His name is Daniel, my friend’s boyfriend. He was so kind and generous as a fulltime tourguide! He accompanied me since I have landed at Budapest airport until I have left the country with my mind weighed by tons of Hungarian history (told by the local, I would just second him without questioning anything). This picture was taken in an underground train headed to city center. See, how nice he was, having prepared a paper with my name on it, in case he would hardly find an Asian face walked down on airport aisle surrounded by totally white Hungarian folks, well, then maybe he /would/ hardly find a single Asian tourist there. So before I left Budapest, he said, “let me know if you’re ever in Budapest again.” Well Daniel, it’s been a year and I’M BAAAACKK! Can you pick me up at the airport again and we maybe should take some sip of coffee at New York café or walk along the Chain Bridge and climb the Buda Var Castle? And PS, 23 thousand of my closest friends are coming in. Hope that’s cool.



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