I’m Asian!!!

[traveling] I guess maybe you wonder how did I capture this photo, don’t you? Well, this was taken in Geneva, just so you know it’s been and always be my most favorite city in the world. I went there and took so many photos of it, tried to catch its beauties then crystalized them into a permanent memory like this. 🙂 From my trips, I learnt that being Asian is somehow weird for snapping anything anywhere anytime consisting constant objects such as ourselves, buildings, roads, birds, tiny insects, ourselves in front of buildings, monuments, with local people, then again ourselves holding a statue, flowers, sitting down on the bench, and ourselves. Brief, it was all about ourselves with something in somewhere. For European people, it’s kinda overwhelming to take that numerous photos of you, I mean anytime, everywhere. So if it happens to you on street somewhere and you find a person give you such strange look, don’t get flustered when he goes silent– just drop the Ultimate Excuse for Weird Behavior: laughter paired with: “I’m Asian!!!”.



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