Internship in Grandcamp-Maisy

[traveling] on my last days living in the North side of France, I did some promenade around the village. Its name is Grandcamp-Maisy, eventually a famous tourist destination for its historical aspect. But then, my stay which was lasted for 4 months filled with depression. Here we go, truth to be told, I’m Asian, have been through 22 years living with the sun always shines everyday, right on my windowpane. Yet there, I experienced that the weather really could affect the inhabitants’ behaviour. Though it was summer, I rarely really rarely saw the appearence of the sun. And for this area, people say, that’s normal. It was of course horrible at least for me. I was living in a gloomy life, like forever. But after all, I enjoyed my solitude. Normally I spent my day off by visiting the “centre ville” to sit at the terrace eating strawberry cheese cake, or other sort of pastries and drinking hot chocolate while overlooking the North sea. On Sundays, I went to local market and bought some fresh veggies or meat for lunch. Before sunset, I let my self read books on my balcony and enjoy all the landscape I could barely miss out.. 🙂





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