Eft (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I happened to read about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on the internet. It’s pretty cool way to deliver positive thoughts to our mind instead of seeking revenge in solving problems. I actually haven’t yet mastered it, but well, I’ll try to give what I have understood.

While you massaging your body, you need to input positive affirmations to your mind.

The first thing you should know about this method is that you will be required to solidly tap your fingertips to some area of your body. It is necessery that you put some attention to your finger condition as well. If you have long fingernails, you can use your fingerpads but it won’t work as good as if with fingertips.

Still talking about the fingertips. There are two main method in choosing which fingers to be used. Some say that traditionally people use only the index finger and middle finger to do the tapping, but the others say that you can have greater effects by using complete fingers.

I should say upfront that you need to memorize the steps and not to go whatever you want.
1. The center of your head.
2. Above your nose side, the beginning of your eyebrow.
3. Beside your eyes.
4. Under your eyes. Find the bone 1 inch under the pupil.
5. Between the nose and upper lip.
6. Between the down lip and the chin.
7. Your first rib, chest.
8. Under your armpit, 4 inches.
9. Your wrist.

the spell
Yes, this technique is aimed to clear and freedom your emotional by accepting yourself as simlpy you are. Then you need to first practice in front of a mirror. Self talk to yourself, look into your own eyes. And cast the spell.

Second step, you need to combine what you’ve practiced in front of the mirror with the tapping. So anytime you tap, you say the sentence.

Examples of the sentence could be:
“Eventhough I………..
I deeply love and accept myself.”

“Eventhough I am fat and I don’t have boyfriend. I deeply love and accept myself.”

The thing is. At first you don’t need to a hundred percent believe in what you are about to say. You let it be, and let it go.

One more thing. The best time to practice it is before going to sleep. 🙂

So, don’t bother yourself with problems and seek revenge. You know that the best revenge is achieved by doing well and making yourself happy!


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