Day 1

Day 1:

I was reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami when I realized that every sentence I read became a story board of my own life. And this once happened to me years ago, the days when I suffered from my heart break. I felt like this was going to finish me off once and for all.

I will quote some of them:
“He had been wonderful to me, an ideal husband, faithful, strong, and patient, someone I could put my complete trust in.”

“He got me ninety-nine percent of the way there, but the other one percent went crazy. Everything we had built up came crashing down. In one split second, everything turned into nothing.”

“It’s terrible story. We worked so hard, so hard, building our world one brick at a time. And we fell apart, it happened just like that. Everything was gone before you knew it.”

“I’m afraid to leave and get involved with the outside world. I’m afraid to meet new people and feel new feelings.”


I am sorry.

16th July 2013


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