Be you

You’d better off not depend on anybody else. Always keep distance to anyone but your family. Sounds like such a skeptical person? May be it does.

You had a period of time where you were strong enough to resolve all your problems by yourselves. When you barely asked for help to anyone unless it was really necessary to do so. You faced all your obstacles, your needs, and your suffers in silence. You always appeared as a super tough woman believing that no one would see your teared heart. Your struggles, your upsets, your tears, you kept it by yourselves. You were the best adviser because you knew well what the worse thing felt, you could tell them how was it hurt you so as you could help them to recover.

Now everything has changed.
You found someone you thought you could rely on your whole life. It was. You step by step, by small steps, by doubting it, questioning it, by staying away, by keeping the distance, by observing, you fell for him. Your trust issues were at that time healed.

You started your new day.

You became way much open to everybody. You started to enable to tell your story, to trust people, to let them know you a bit, to love, and to be loved. You easily fell too deep.

Things change.
You’ve already relied too much on this person. You couldn’t help yourself but depend on him. Seems like you, only, have him in your life. When he changes, you get a violent shake, you lose your grip. But no tears fall down yet.

Be strong. Be the you I’ve ever known you before.


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