Don’t stalk.

You know that actually you could keep your mind safe from the bad emotions?

For me, I happen to feel these crazy, bad tempered, emotions, like almost every day. Maybe some would say it’s exagerating, is it? Ah well, I’ll put it in bold, especially on my period. Sounds better. And, maybe not just me, you too, girls.

Well, some might have experienced kind of feelings where you didn’t know who to be mad at, or why should us to be angry. For me, every time I felt so empty, spleen, don’t know exactly what’s going on, who to blame? I got extra sensitivity. Super sensitivity to just seeing some photos of whom “I don’t like” would deliver me to become frustated. They did none. I mean, nothing’s really done in purpose to hurt me. But in my unconscious-half-conscious mind, I’m devastated. Wheter they’ve just achived something, they’ve just spent their holiday with their loved ones, they’ve got new car, moved in another city country or elsewhere. Whatever it was, it hurt me, a lot. Haha, so childish. I am, in this case.

Well, because of I was sick of being that such lame person, yesterday, on my period, on my highest sensitivity, I declared. “No one could play with my mind, with my life, I’m the master of my own faith, who the hell are you?! Leave me aside and I’ll show you! I’ll never quit.”
Simple action to do, I unfollowed some account that had succesfully made me look like a fool. I didn’t need to follow whom to spread me bad emotions everytime I’m turning on my timeline. Some of us would die to fulfill our curiousity, by doing the famous stalking activity. If you want to come brightly up, maintain good emotions, feel positive, DON’T STALK. UNFOLLOW THEM. Don’t ever let your mind’s suffering for years for something you don’t even deserve to feel it.

Then yeah.
I unfollowed them.
I keep my life on my own control.



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