I found “the feeling” as a funny thing, strange one, complete. I mean, these couple of days, I was caught in such feeling that, some years ago, I would cry bucket facing it.

We talked to each other once in a blue moon, this was the “blue moon”. Yours. Every year, at least we’ve got a reason to say hello, once a year, exactly. But that’s okay, alright, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t?

I was at that age, I can’t confirm me having the age of reason, not yet. I met you, you were that ‘mature’, got your degree abroad, and everything every man wishes to have.

You were insanely in love with me, at the beginning. I was sanely “we’ll see”. Everything’s changed very fast. Brief, we separated.

From that time, my world was filled by your shadow. Yes, though we’ve been together for a while, really a while. You were linger.

Years passed.
Small talks, ended.

At least last year I was still wanting you. Hoping our simple conversation would bring it to another love story. But not. I was always wrong. We went nowhere. I was devastated, of course. It demands me years for just accepting this situation. I need to go miles away, do lots of things, just to leave you aside. And it works, it WORKS.

But now, it came, yours, we talked, I hoped, disappointed, but well. That’s life.

Putting “to forget yours” will be one of my new year resolution, I guess.


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