Everybody is made for being tough?

I’m asking my self. What’s the point of being mature? To know how properly hide YOUR FEELING? To act like nothing has happened but within you’re suffering as if there is no way out?

Here, I learn how to perfectly behave as a MATURE one. I couldn’t set my face as the way what I’m feeling, I should always wear “I’m okay, I’m normal, Life goes on, everything’s great, no worries” mask on my face. You know I’ve got two reasons which are however pushing me to do so. First, these people, just, don’t care about whatever on hell your problems. Clear enough? Yes, they never talk about personal matters, it might be not too polite for asking it in their culture, or simply we can conclude, they never care about anything but them selves. Okay we agreed.
So, second one is that, being weak is damn lame thing they would never do in public place. Being weak, yes I mean, when you are sad, when you cry, when you feel lost, it’s worse than a sin maybe for them. Everybody is made for being tough. Yes, no way out, no the other way round.

Grandcamp-Maisy, 15th July 2012


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