Letter for SMANSA student

I was being asked to write something about me for him to share to Smansa student afterwards. As I have no idea about what to tell, I wrote this short letter for them.


I love collecting stamps, and eager to travel until Antarctica.

The worst part of me is I’m a queen of procrastinating. I don’t know why but I only can work under pressure and when it’s on the edge of deadline. So that’s me.

Maybe you’ll ask, why did I tell those informations on first than just telling you my name. Yes, people tend to easily forget other people name on their first contact. Because, What’s the point of knowing someone’s name, but at the end you don’t know pretty much thing about them but their name. It’s not interesting, especially for me, well, not trying to push you with my thought, just saying anyway. So, I prefer to say, “Ahh You are the one that jumping off from your roof when you were 6, but sorry I forgot your name” instead of, “did we know each other? Well, what’s your name again?”.
You decide.

Okay, so, I’m majoring french literature. Not only french novels that I mostly read but also english and of course indonesian novels. While reading you’ll be able to build your own imagination, nurture your memory, and for me it’s a kind of getting off from the real life.

I’m currently living in France, on the North part of it. It’s called Normandy. This region is famous because It became the place where the American troops landed on Europe on 6th June 1944. We can call it as the commencement of the end of 2nd world war. Okay that is a short history about the place where I’ll be spending my 3 months ahead.

And, my name is Abellia Anggi Wardani. Quite long? Not really I guess. Normally people call me Abel, or Abellia, but you can also call me Anggi. Well, as you please.

I was student at University of Indonesia in Depok. I’ve told you about my major. It’s obviously known regarding where I live right now. So, I won’t go any further for this.

Before, I was studying in SMA N 1 Salatiga, I took the Language stream class, I learned Mandarin and German as well. But don’t ask me anything in these languages, unless you want to get the “whatever” answer from me.

Anyway, stop talking about me unless in 5 minutes, you’ll start to yawn. 🙂

Generally speaking, everyone wants to travel, and I bet you envy me for staying in France. I knew that. 🙂 so let’s make it up!
You and I have the same chance to lead our lives as we wish. If you want to go abroad, SET YOUR DREAM FROM NOW ON!
The most important thing is that we need to have a clear vision about our future, and to bold it, you need to WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER AND ATTACH IT ON A CATCHY PLACE! It’s important to write your dream, as every single “motivator” always talks about it. You can count me as “the victim”, because I’ve been brought here by my own dream that I realized from some years ago, I put my paper on wall, attached it, and however I read it like everyday. That is, in my unconscious mind, it has been well registered. The consequence is that every little step that I took, it’s always on the right track to achieve my written goal. And it works.

Brief, don’t be afraid of painting your dream.



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