Today can’t be any worse

I even can’t launch this question “why, and why me”.

These days were so perfect to ruin my mood and for me acting like a monster to who surrounding me.

first of all I would say, I apologize.

Then, yes. It could, of course happen to anyone in no particular reason. As I’m not going to ask “why me God?” in order to avoid the “why not” response.

It’s clear enough that I can not YES ABELLIA YOU CAN NOT , YOU CAN NOT.. I can not, not to cry..

Though I’ve been forcing my self to being mature, not to cry, to stay calm, to keep the positive thinking, I end up getting more miserably and desperating my self MORE and MORE..

Why should I be that sad due to simple thing? why do I accumulate every little pain and start relating them (those who indeed come from different planet of matters) each other. I

It’s not a big deal losing your lovely shoes given by your parents Bel, It is not.

It’s not that horible to sleep in a railway station. NOT!

It’s okay you’ve lost your flashdisk, the world keeps spinning anyway, anyway, even though you should start from zero everything you’ve done these couple of days. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! keep that in mind Bel.

Okay, deal?

still crying?

poor me.. poor you Bel.


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